1. S

    CMX760 constant beep during TX

    Hey folks, either my Google-Fu is weak or this is just something weird that I'm not finding anything on. Picked up a CMX760 for my truck and ran a fire ring/fire stick to it and tapped the 12v accessory plug, everything seems to run fine and checked my SWR with the antenna and am in the green...
  2. laythrom

    MT2000 Roger Tone?

    Is there a way to program a roger tone (or beep) on a MT2000 radio? I'm going through the MTSX Lab and I'm not really seeing an option.
  3. R

    GM340 Beep from Open collector

    Hi All, i'm setting up a GM340 on a race car that is equipped with the Shift Beeper that will send the driver trough the radio hearpieces a beep when he has to change gears without looking at the dashboard. The logic line is an open collector sent to ground when the radio is supposed to beep...
  4. S

    ht1250 beep when someone transmits

    I have searched and searched and cannot find the answer to this.... The other night I bumped something on my radio while sitting on my squad. Now, whenever someone else transmits, my radio beeps first. I'm guessing it is designed to grab attention that someone is about to talk, but it is...
  5. N2SCV

    NYPD Harbor George (SOD)

    Hi. What is the beep or boop tail at the end of Harbor George's transmissions? Why does only their radio do this?
  6. J

    Quantar repeater : PA low

    I'm getting a PA low beep on my vhf quantar. When I went to check it out, it displays the PA low when keyed. The service manual says if the unit isn't recieving enough DC voltage that this will happen. I checked that batteries and the charger was showing around 28.5 volts. Which is above the...
  7. Bote

    Lincoln County ops beep

    What is the TouchTone 1 that beeps just before the Lincoln County operations repeater drops off the air? I'm not talking about the beep right after a mobile unit unkeys, but right before the repeater drops. Is that to allow listeners who scan to identify which channel just transmitted...