1. Aremel

    Headphone Noise w/ "Nearly New" Eton Elite 750

    I purchased a "nearly new" Eton Elite 750 on eBay and received it today. The RF knob is really stiff but it's not a deal breaker. However, when listening to it with two different sets of headphones, I noticed a high pitched staccato noise, almost like morse code coming through. I could not hear...
  2. S

    Verdugo Fire Communications: What am I doing wrong?

    Hello everyone! Please bear with me while I try to explain the situation. I've been an avid scanner listener for a while now and up to this point, I really enjoy listening to my local LASD and LACoFD and CHP frequencies and a few other local agencies. But I recently had to lock-out the dispatch...
  3. Y

    EDACS beeps Unitrunker

    First off, Unitrunker is brilliant and I love it. Thank you to the author and everyone's awesome posts to this forum that allowed me to get a fully functioning SDR scanner working on the Denver PD EDACS system. I owe you all one! The one thing I haven't figured out is how to suppress the 5...
  4. M

    question about beeps

    Hello! I am using a PRO-164 and scanning conventionally. I am working on learning to program the scanner to scan trunked - but one of my main motivations for doing so is to eliminate the three beeps you get conventionally after transmissions. Will scanning trunked eliminate or filter out the...