benton county

  1. blackmonte

    Is Washington & Benton County all encrypted?

    Any info on Washington & Benton County systems? I pick up a little traffic from Benton County sheriff but nothing from Washington County. Are the county and city police fully encrypted? I'm using the frequencies listed here on RR. Any info/help appreciated.
  2. 6

    Question About DPL on Frequency

    I'm curious as what the DPL would be for the a second frequency. My school has given me to permission to transmit on their frequency when I help out at sporting events. If you look here at Benton County School Corporation it has 1 frequency, 155.265 with a 754 DPL Benton County, Indiana (IN)...
  3. n5xgz

    Benton County...Siloam Springs, AR

    Trying to locate frequencies for ALL Siloam Springs Public Safety services...seems they have either changed frequencies, or may have gone APCO. Any and all help appreciated.