berkeley county

  1. M

    Berkeley County WV pager tone outs

    Hello. I'm trying to find a list of fire station pager tone outs for the stations in Berkeley County, WV. I have looked everywhere on the internet and was unable to find them. Does anyone have a list of tones for the fire stations for programming my monitor V?
  2. kc8iqz

    Berkeley Cty School Buses

    I am not getting any responses on any of the Berkeley County freqs for education, including their buses. I loaded my Uniden Home Patrol from RR. I strongly feel I have done something wrong, but can anyone monitoring Berkeley County (WV) confirm they are hearing the buses? Thanks in advance...
  3. H

    Pro-106: Just can't find info RE: Conv channels.

    I got a Pro-106 and Pro-2096. I used info from RR to program. I am hearing things, but want to have better control. I might just not be seeing or making it harder than it needs to be. Here is my issue. I am in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Berkeley County. It is SIRN P25. I hear the County...