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    Block reception from a specific radio ID

    Hi everyone, At on location we have two base-stations (DM4601e) close by, and they are both on the same channel; so when talking on one of them I can hear myself on the other one which is annoying. Is there a way to block the communications between these two base radios without affecting the...
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    TGID Blocking

    Hello all - Made a few steps in progress as far as programming. Right now I'm utilizing the Freescan software. Questions: 1. Is there a way to block specific TGID's from a specific site? The problem I'm running into is this: I'm creating a system that contains 1 site. That one site...
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    Trouble Locating Groundblock for PL-259/SO-239

    Hello, I've currently got my scanner connected to a CB Antenna mounted on side of my roof. Currently I don't have it grounded and would very much like too. I'm looking for a ground block with SO-239 connectors. F Groundblock's can be had pretty cheaply, but I don't want to mess with too...