1. marksroberson

    My "Nuclear" Question...

    This may not be in the right category, but Admins feel free to move it... You may or may not remember the days of the Civil Defense "Neighborhood Watchman" or the infomercials on "How to Survive a Nuclear Attack". The cold war lead to governments readying and informing their citizens on what to...
  2. D

    Suspicious package in Huntersville

    At approximately 1:02 pm Huntersville fire and North Mecklenberg rescue were dispatched to Gilead rd and commerce center dr at the Huntersville post office for a suspicious package. They were told to stage and that police were already on the scene but unsure where they were going to detonate...
  3. H

    Escondido "Bomb House" Fire

    The story: ESCONDIDO: Bomb house burn to get under way around 10:30 a.m. Does anyone have any other details? Is there a scanner feed to monitor this area?