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    Signal Amplifer

    Hi all, I am new to the scanner world. I was wondering if and in-line signal amplifier like one used for TV and FM would work on my Uniden BCD996P2 scanner with the stock antenna. One like this:
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    Cell Phone Boosters

    Recently the antenna broke off on the ambulance for our cell phone booster. We have spare VHF vehicle antennas from one of our old rigs. Do any of you know if this will work with the cell booster? It screws into the base fine. But I noticed that the cell phone booster antenna is a lot shorter...
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    YX-510 Cellular Repeater Antenna Help

    Hi, I have been trying to setup a wireless repeater in my house as I have little cellular coverage and I believe I may be missing something or done something wrong. I would love some feedback if there is anything obvious. My Setup: Wi-Ex YX-510 zBoot Repeater (Pcs/Cel Dual-Band Cellular Phone...