1. jcop225

    Freescan: Uniden BR330T Trunking Problem

    I just picked up a used Uniden BR330T. Today I updated it to the latest firmware and now I'm trying to program it with FreeScan. Due to the limited memory I am starting by programming only one multi-site Smartzone system in to the scanner. What seems to be happening is that a site will be...
  2. S

    BR330T Data Display Issue

    I have a BR330T about 2 months ago I realized that the scanner does not display the municipality that is being monitored when it stops on that channel(any channel) It now only displays the frequency. The data is still on the radio because when I go to lockout the channel, just after I depress...
  3. W

    Post-refresh "Open-Mike" oddity on the 330T

    The programming in my 330T is about two years old, so I recently decided to refresh the programming and make a few changes to the systems I scan (I use it mobile in my vehicle). One irritating issue I have though is that one specific conventional channel that scanned just fine with my two year...
  4. G

    BR330T Firmware Update Failures [HELP!]

    Greetings, I am having problems upgrading the firmware in my BR330T. I could really use some help. INFORMATION: Firmware Update Software: BC VUP v2.0.0.7 Firmware Version: 1.06.02 Previous Version: 1.03.xx (don't remember the last 2 digits, but it was the last firmware version for this...
  5. WouffHong

    Capabilities of BR330T

    Just curious as my ancient PRO 94 is aging rapidly.. CAN the BR330T USB port/output be used with the default RR streaming software to stream the TAGS or frequencies as other Uniden Scanners do?? Tnx es 73.. Tom_in_GA
  6. R

    BR330T software

    This might be a bit cheeky but does anyone have a copy of the ARC330 software, not sure if it would be possible to get the files off disk and zip them and email or not but freescan aint cutting it and my thumb is getting soar with the scroll wheel and I have a ways to go to transfer all my...
  7. trixwagen

    BC346XT vs BR330T

    Possibly a dumb question, but is the BC346XT really that much better than the BR330T? The BC346XT has a much larger memory but the BR330T covers more frequencies. And right, there's no NASCAR decal this time.
  8. J

    Uniden BR330T help needed for a newbie

    I just received my BR330T. Something I've wanted for YEARS! Wife finally let me buy one. I was recently in LA and heard all the crazy stuff that happens in that town. But now that I've returned home to New Braunfels, TX (a suburb of San Antonio), I'm having problems getting my scanner to...
  9. V

    BR330T vs BC246T

    I am wanting to buy a scanner with at least TrunkTracker III abilities. I was leaning towards the BC246T until I ran across the BR330T. The BR330T appears to have all of the functions of the BC246T with a much larger range of frequencies. I do not attend racing events, so any racing functions...
  10. KI4LIV

    KI4LIV mobile 2007 Dodge Charger SXT install

    Yaesu FT7800. Uniden BR330T being controlled by Uniden RH-96. Radio Shack amplified speaker for the BR330T. Uniden speaker in the back seat on the floor hump for the FT7800. Driver's side door view View from the driver's seat View from the passenger door Doesn't interfere with the...