1. K2NEC

    Bricked MT1500

    So my friend has an MT1500 and he went to upgrade the firmware however he flashed the xts2500 firmware R20.xx.xx into the radio. He unfortunately bricked it but to make matters worse he uploaded the wrong codeplug into the radio as well. He uploaded a BN codeplug to an AN radio. Is there any way...
  2. J

    Advice/Help Please

    I have a Motorola XPR4580 Two way mobile radio that appears to be bricked. A co worker said they were converting it from analog to digital when they ran into an error. It says invalid firmware and is tuck on the Flashzap Bootloader screen. It also says ready to download however my USB does not...
  3. W

    Bricked XTS3000 Radio Help

    I was programming a Moto XTS3000 using CPS, While writing to it computer Blue Screened, As a result radio turns on, but does not go past "Self Test" screen. If anyone has any tips or solutions that would be excellent, other then to send it to Motorola and shell out a lot of $$$$$. If someone...