british columbia

  1. Y

    Terrace BC , Stikine Updates?

    Our Police frequencies in Terrace BC, Canada have gone digital, but I'm told they are now encrypted too, is there a way to know for sure short of talking to the police? Can someone update the frequency database for this area?
  2. R

    Maple Ridge Fire Dept. Frequency

    Hey everyone, The other night, I was listening on my scanner to the Maple Ridge, BC Fire Department on 410.11250, I herd them responding to a call, but then I herd them telling the dispatcher that the units at the scene would be switching to the VHF channel for further communication while at the...
  3. Muffin

    New County Submission

    I live in British Columbia, Canada on the West Coast just north of Washington State. While we don't have "counties" here per se, we do have Regional Districts. That being said, however, due to the way the RR database is set up I am happy to use the County system. Can anyone please tell me how...