1. Joseph11

    Laird Phantom (or Similar) Antenna for 150-870 MHz?

    I am looking for a new receive only antenna for my car (NMO mount) that covers VHF high to 800 MHz. I've tried a couple different Laird Phantom antennas (490-512 MHz and 760-870 MHz models), but I haven't found one that receives that entire range reliably. The 490-512 MHz model works well with...
  2. KC0FZZ

    Strong Interference in South Metro Areas (Burnsville, Prior Lake)

    I was wondering if there was anyone else who routinely drives in the south metro on 35W in the Burnsville area, right around the Burnsville Parkway and Hwy 13 areas. Any time I've driven those roads lately (*the last 6 months or so) I've picked up very strong interference along both off ramps...
  3. radact

    2004 Hyundai Radio & Laptop Install

    I took out the small DIN box that was below the radio and my dualband Yaesu FT-5100 fit right in there. I also have a 1ghz laptop mounted on a nice sturdy RAM Mount and the base is bolted to the passenger seat bolt. Very secure mount. The neck is adjustable in case I need to push it out of...