broward county

  1. V

    Sunrise, FL Signal Disruption Area

    Hey all, I've noticed there is an area in Sunrise, FL where, without fail, my car's bluetooth is disrupted and cuts out several times momentarily. It has happened in several different makes and models I've been in over the past 2 years. This usually happens when I drive either direction on the...
  2. jafarm66

    Coral Springs New P25 System

    I have not heard anything on the Coral Springs P25 system on a GRE PSR-500 that continuously monitors it yet when I put my BCD436HP into Trunking discovery for 24 hours on it I had 2 active talkgroups 5081 with "test" messages and 5083 with one key up. There are no talkgroups listed yet. Anyone...
  3. F

    Want to get a scanner, need to know which one to get

    I live in broward county, city of Hollywood. Would like to get Hollywood, Pembroke Pines, Hallandale and Ft Lauderdale. Possibly plantation. Any idea what scanner I would need? Will this work? Uniden: BC346XT Handheld Scanner - TheFireStore
  4. Bote

    Pompano Beach Fire moves to Broward Dispatch 5

    Pompano Beach Fire dispatch has moved operations to Broward County fire Dispatch 5 which is served by Bote's Wild Feed. No longer will you hear Pompano fire on Bote's Mixer Board, only Fort Lauderdale fire as well as the lifeguards for both those cities (as long as I can stand it, anyway)...