bucks county

  1. KC3DHF

    Bucks County Encryption (Courier Times wants to know)

    My name is Dan and I've recently got back into the scanning hobby. Thinking I might need a unit that could deal with the Simulcast issues, I came here in the past few weeks to browse around. Seeing threads about the Bucks County Encryption, I contacted my local paper to see if this issue was...
  2. trunktracking

    PSR800 No Longer Working On Bucks County PD Zone 9

    Since Bucks County went over to the new Phase 2 radio system, I have had a GRE PSR800 dedicated to monitoring PD Zone 9. The PSR800 suddenly went silent a few weeks back. This after receiving all communications perfectly, in full signal strength. Would anyone know why and or if Bucks County...
  3. B

    bucks county police direct 1

    i have been monitoring bucks with A GRECOM PSR800 scanner for a while which has since been sold but before then i know there was a conventional frequency the police were using. i believe the channel was called "Police Direct 1'' would anyone know what frequency it is
  4. D

    Pro96 and ARC96... can't get Bucks County to work.

    Hello, My Pro96 has been working flawlessly for years. The other day I got ARC96 and uploaded the databases for Philly police and Bucks County Motorola. Philly is woking fine but Bucks just scans all day and never stops. I did the "load reband table" command in ARC96 as is suggested in their...