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    $100 Base Station Antenna Suggestion

    Hi folks. Pure newbie to this forum, though I got my Advanced Class ham license in 1968, so I've been around the block a few times. :) HOWEVER, I've been out of RF pursuits for a few decades (wasn't room for computers AND radios in my shack) but for Christmas my wife got me one of the new...
  2. Budget HT Bundle (9 radios) ** Price Reduction **

    Budget HT Bundle (9 radios) ** Price Reduction **

    For sale is a bundle of AnyTone, Baofeng and BTECH budget handheld transceivers (8 HAM / 1 GMRS) The bundle includes the following radios (pictures below)..... AnyTone NSTIG-8R – Antenna / Charging Cradle / Extra Battery (1300mAh) Baofeng UV-82HP (RED) – Antenna / Charging Cradle Baofeng...
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    What are the most inexpensive P25 and DMR scanners?

    I'm looking to find a cheap & inexpensive way to decode P25 and DMR hopefully under a hundred bucks and can't exactly carry around an SDR and laptop everywhere and I'm having enough trouble getting that configured correctly as it is so I was trying to look into scanners to find cheap ones...
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    888s as backup fire pager?

    Looking into the baofeng 888s as a budget friendly fire pager/scanner for a VFD. Price point and lack of features (aka buttons for people to press and mess something up) are very attractive. We have no dealers nearby to program and I'm familiar with CHIRP on the uv82 and have a good prog cable...
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    Best <$300 radio or receiver for Wellbrook loop and SSB reception?

    I am looking to put $200 ish into a new radio or receiver. My goal is pleasant, copyable audio over SSB. I like to listen to weather and aircraft transmissions. I've gotten great results from a Lowe HF-150- everything else seems to be ok but not awesome. I lost my Lowe in a flood, and am not...