1. P

    Buffalo police p25 frequencies

    I’m looking for the buffalo police p25 frequencies to program my SDR dongles. Any help appreciated!
  2. V

    Buffalo, Amherst and Tonawanda Police Feeds Shut Down?

    Why were these three feeds shut down permanently? This was the only reason I came to this site, was to listen to those feeds. Now what do I do?
  3. tdave365

    When does Buffalo PD simulcast?

    I'm using a scanner incapable of monitoring a digital channel and Buffalo Police are apparently using LTR. But, records here at radio reference call out 452.550 and 453.550 as those which apparently simulcast BFPD's digital communication. I was initially impressed that Buffalo was so...
  4. B

    Buffalo NY Police

    I have a Uniden Bearcat BC148XLT scanner. I was previously able to pickup the Buffalo NY police frequencies, but recently I am unable to do so. All I get from the channels is buzzing or static. Do you know if they have changed something with their frequencies? Is there a resolution I can try...
  5. MiG15

    Buffalo, Kenmore, Amherst and Tonawanda Police Departments Feed is Back On The Air

    After being down for almost a week my favorite audio feed is back up. What a relief! I thought it was gone but I never gave up hope. It sounds great! T of T and Buffalo are loud and clear with no breakups. I heard a "10/4" earlier which I'm guessing is Amherst. Thank you whoever you are...
  6. newsphotog

    CNN using aircraft radio monitoring website's recordings in coverage

    Just wanted to post a quick note about CNN using recordings from a scanner hobbyist's website of air traffic control audio in the Buffalo area plane crash. I thought that was kind of neat that a hobbyist got some valuable audio for CNN instead of CNN having to wait for the NTSB/FAA to "release"...