1. M

    Faceplate and radio mount build / HowTo

    I just finished up a faceplate and mount build and thought I should share this for others. I know, it’s nothing special but maybe it will help or encourage somebody. I was originally planning on using a Havis faceplate / radio mount but they seemed to be sold out everywhere and I...
  2. ll35689k

    Motorola CM200 repeater build

    I have two Motorola CM200's and trying to setup a repeater between both. I have: Can anyone please help me to know what to set within the...
  3. D

    Newbie Antenna question

    Howdy all, I'll start out first by saying I have ZERO knowledge about antenna building. So with that in mind, I'll apologize in advance if this is a really dumb question... I have a Scantenna ST-2 that got damaged a few days ago and when I went to order a new one I learned that they are no...
  4. N

    Elecraft K3 Build Project

    So it starts - don't get too excited the radio hasn't actually arrived yet: Elecraft K3 and N1IC
  5. robertshaw

    Pro-106 - Buildng a Programming Cable - Help Please

    Hi, Running Win500 and using a Prolific USB to serial converter, I have connected things like this: USB to Prolific with a DB9 connector >> Pin2 to tip of a 1/8" plug, Pin3 to middle (ring) terminal, Pin5 (signal ground) to sleve terminal. I've reversed Pins 2 and 3 to test, but no success...
  6. bReed11091

    Homebrew LEO Satellite Antenna

    I'm working on building some yagi antennas based on the AMSAT instructions, but I'm having trouble finding something to use for the elements. Radio Shack doesn't sell aluminum ground wire anymore and finding it locally has been somewhat difficult. Before I go any further, I want to get some...