1. F

    Berrien County 468.5625

    I came across analog FM traffic on 468.5625. Listening for a while has led me to believe this is Berrien Bus. There is a fixed base dispatch and mobile units that check in from areas around Berrien County on simplex. I have not been able to find any local licenses associated with this...
  2. O

    Circulator Bus TGs/Freqs?

    Is anyone aware of what frequencies or talkgroups/systems the Circulator bus system is on? It doesn't seem to be on the WMATA P-25 system (nor have I heard their routes mentioned on the normal Bus TGs) which makes sense since it's a joint project between WMATA and DDot operated by First Transit...
  3. U

    NYPD CW3 info

    So I was listening to NYPD CW3 and I heard a unit come over as "Bus Unit RMP #3346" so I wanted to know if anyone on here could tell me: A.) What is the bus unit? B.) What is their purpose? C.) An estimate of how many cops could be in that unit? D.) What bureau are they assigned to? and finally...
  4. K

    monarch bus service

    I went to dragon festival and was trying to monitor the buses. I found frequencies listed in the database 452.26250 452.36250 452.46250 452.73750 159.49500000 but no actvity on these. Anybody know if they have changed to a different group of frequencies?
  5. jerry092975

    vehicle versus a school bus in chester county PA

    By Kennett Fire Company No. 1January 19, 2010 On the morning of Tuesday January 19th, the Kennett Fire Company was dispatched to Kaolin Road south of Caldwell Lane for the report of a vehicle accident with entrapment. Deputy 24 arrived on scene to find one vehicle versus a school bus confirming...
  6. P

    First Student in Buffalo/Cheektowaga Area

    I was wondering what the frequency was for First Student/Formerly Laidlaw for the terminal that is located on Walden Ave in Cheektowaga.