1. J

    Did I damage my receiver?

    Hello. Ever since I was playing around with my portable today and I accidentally hit a ceiling lamp (metal..) with the telescopic antenna I've been hearing a "buzzing" sound on my portable. No matter what I do it doesn't go away, there's this "buzz buzz buzz buzz" sound. The radio still works, I...
  2. P

    Two-way interference on FM Radio

    We utilize VHF, TX/RX base radios in our office facility. I have an external speaker system attached to my PC. It has an amplifier. When someone transmits from the office radio, a loud buzz comes through the PC speakers. It does not buzz when the amplifier is off. So somehow the amplifier...
  3. Eastie

    Buzzing on many freqs?

    Hi, What's all this buzzing on many freqs? Never any voice.. Sometimes the buzz even goes in a beat.. bz bz bz bzbzbz... bz bz bz bzbzbz... bz bz bz bzbzbz....