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    6080 khz Buzzing

    Hi, The best way to describe this is by video. I recorded it on my android then uploaded to youtube. This buzzing has me curious. View it all the way then please pass the word. I cant find anything about it on Google, Yahoo, and Ask search engines. I didnt know how to categorize it because no...
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    Radio Shack Scanners

    PLEASE HELP WITH PRO 2051 having trouble with pro 2051 locking up on a trunking channel/ code in edacs like lpd disp 137 or lso 417 and making a buzzing noise...what am i doing wrong ?
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    PRO 97 Programming Trunking

    Yes I am very new to scanning. I recently purchased a Pro 97 and am trying to program a local frequency. The primary control channels are 854.61250c 856.73750c 859.73750c. I have programmed these in and changed the mode to MO. On one of the control channels, I see the MOT: Sys-4210 95%. Every so...