1. E

    Scanner To Monitor Cabarrus County

    I am planning to buy a new scanner to monitor Cabarrus County. What models are you folks in the area using? Are you happy with them? Is the data that can be downloaded from current and sufficient for programming. I would like to use software to program the scanner. I used...
  2. E

    CB Radio Users In Cabarrus Country Area

    Hello all. I am going to get my HAM Technician license in September. I have thought of getting an old CB radio base station to play with for a while. Do any of you folks use CB in the Cabarrus area? I don't want to invest in equipment if there is no one to talk to. Thank you for your answers.
  3. E

    Cabarrus County NC August 2014

    Hello all. My name is Ed. I used to listen to Kannapolis and Concord on a Radio Shack Pro-162 scanner. I would use the ARC-160 software by Bu-Tel to program it. The software would get the trunking information for Cabarrus County from Radio Reference and I would download it into the scanner...
  4. adams_jb

    Cabarrus County/Charlotte - Mecklenburg

    Good evening, I have recently acquired a Model PRO-18 scanner. I have spent the better part of a week trying to understand the programming software for the scanner. It appears that Cabarrus County is piggybacking the Charlotte P25 system? Please correct me if I am wrong? I have tried to use...
  5. M

    PLEASE! Need Help Monitoring Cabarrus

    Can anyone please tell me how to program and monitor Cabarrus CO. Sheriffs Dept and Concord PD on my Uniden HP1? Thank You!
  6. S

    Cabarrus Channels

    I am asking for anyone who can help to please list all the ANALOG frequencies for the Cabarrus Operations channels. If you aren't going to be helpful, please don't reply. I simply want the answer and am not looking for people to give me a lecture.
  7. S

    Cabarrus Channels

    I was messing around with one of the radios the firefighters use and noticed that their Cab Fire Zone also has a matching conventional zone. It has all the cab ops channels that are analog. Can anyone tell me what the analog ops frequencies are for Cabarrus county?
  8. S

    Types of Frequencies and Talkgroups

    I was looking at my local counties talkgroups and frequencies. I saw that they were mostly analog talkgroups. I was looking at another county's list of talkgroups and frequencies and saw that they were digital talkgroups. So here is my real question: What is the difference in an "analog...
  9. S

    Cabarrus Ops Channels

    I am a junior fire fighter at a fire department in Cabarrus county, North Carolina and am programming a personal radio to use until I am 18 and join on and get one from the fire department. Well I have all the fire and ems dispatch channels, but I don't have the "Cabarrus Operations" channels. I...
  10. E

    Kannapolis / Concord area Pro 106 working

    Just purchased a Pro 106 scanner and have it working for the Kannapolis / Concord NC area. This includes all of Cabarrus County. If anyone needs a copy of the setup please let me know. I have not seen any action on the viper system yet.