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    CMRN P25

    I've noticed a huge shuffle in TGs for the Calgary Municipal Radio network. Getting some new IDs being used for existing channels, and existing channels being used for other purposes such as CT on CPO (48048) and backup CFD channels being used as main channels. Wondering if anyone else has...
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    how come?

    how come i been listening to a calgary alberta radio and then all of a sudden the radio went offline and has been offline ever since? is there another app or site i can listen to it on?
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    What's up with ARES Calgary?

    Hola, I see that there is a new group in Calgary called Calgary Regional ARES and I've heard that there is an older group also called ARES Calgary but they're no longer going or something? What happened to all the gear and equipment - where is it and who has it now, etc, just the back story...
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    Automated voice alerts for calgary

    Has anyone heard the automated voice dispatching for calgary Alberta fire lately? If so what talkgroup would it be on?
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    Scanner help

    Hey first time poster looking for any Calgary police freq. in the 000.000 format all i can find on here is programing codes just kinda wanna see if anyone has found the freq. yet also looking for new airdrie fire digital freq. any help would be great thanks
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    Uniden's BCD996XT Digital Mobile Scanner

    Hey first time poster and im having issues looking for anyone who has the new calgary police scanner frequencies in the 000.000 format and im looking for the new airdrie fire digital freq. I do have Digital scanner Uniden's BCD996XT Digital Mobile Scanner But i don't have any programming...