1. mcjones2013

    770.91875 in El Dorado County

    I came across an active P25 frequency tonight in El Dorado Hills/Cameron Park. It's broadcasting what sounds like an old sitcom or something. 770.91875 $C06. It will break programming to say that it is a radio test by the State of California, and then give a call sign, which I haven't been able...
  2. I

    California statewide P25 system

    Just finished reading Dan Veeneman's Scanning America column in the August issue of Spectrum Monitor in which he states "at least 37 U.S. states have a statewide P25 network, including California, Florida, New York and Texas." Am I missing something? I'm not aware CA has such.
  3. D

    BCD436HP: New BCD436HP user / a few questions

    Hi, I just received my BCD436HP today, and have spent all afternoon playing with it. I think i have finally gotten close to getting it set up, but I'm now stuck on two last items. 1. I cannot seem to find an "optimal settings" thread to compare mine to, does such a thing exist that someone can...
  4. C

    California Scanning Laws?

    Hi all. My father lives in an assisted living home. He's a retired firefighter and scanner buff. With his scanner(s), he's found the frequencies that are in use by the staff at the home and has been listening in to the local chatter. Managment has learned of this and has now issued a memo to...