california highway patrol

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    CHP Mapping Help Wanted

    I've searched for all the CHP maps, and I've even tracked down some of the old ones, but it is time for a new one using modern technology and I'm in the process of drawing one for the whole state. Here's how you can help: Post everything you know about where channel switch points are on the...
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    Has CHP in South Bay moved vehicle extenders to 700 MHz?

    I normally monitor the California Highway Patrol vehicular extenders (154.905 MHz) when I'm on the road, and yesterday I realized that it's been weeks since I've heard anything. Normally I hear something at least once during my commute. Has the Golden Gate division moved over to 700 MHz for...
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    Audio from feed sounds "computerized"

    I dont know how to explain the audio other than it sounds "computerized", which i dont think is actually a word. But hope you catch my drift. What would be causing this? I am using a PCI sound card, not the onboard audio for the audio input. Also, I am using the line-input, NOT the mic in. Here...