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    Private Call

    On Nebraska State Radio system I just listen to 2 ppl talking. One said this a private call. Is there away too detect this on the scanner?
  2. D

    XTS 2500 group Paging

    Hello, We currently use A25 UHF in WV. My agency is wanting to alert groups of mobiles and portables over our trunking system. I am currently able to page individual radios using astro25 from an XTS2500 Model III using the keypad to enter the target radio's "Call List ID" number. This works...
  3. J

    ASTRO group call

    Can anyone help me to set up a group call in ASTRO mode? I can do individual calls with no problems, but when I try to send a group call, I get a message on the display that says "INVALID ENTRY". I would also like to set up an audible alert tone as an attention getter in ASTRO. Is this...
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    Question about Scanner??

    I was wondering, I just bought a Radio Shack Pro-2054. I wanted to know if lets say the police get a call and the frequency is showing up on the scanner, will it say like Netcong PD or something? Also like if medics are talking. Will it come up as Medics? Thanks for the help