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    ICE callsigns

    What callsigns does the ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) have?
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    Timing to Get a Vanity Call Sign After 2 Year Wait

    I'd like to apply for a 4-letter call sign that is soon to be available after the 2 year wait. I plan to submit online using the ULS. However, it is unclear to me the timing of such an attempt. When should the application be submitted relative to the "becoming available" date to insure the...
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    Callsigns For CHP, LASD, and Fire

    I'm familiar with the naming convention used to identify LAPD units (e.g., 10-A-12) where 10 is the division, A is a two-officer patrol, and 12 would be the car identifier. Can anyone provide similar conventions for callsigns of CHP, LASD, LA County Fire, and LA City Fire? I hear them called...