1. helvis

    Caltrans tuning specs

    I have a question about Caltrans tuning for San Diego County. The RR trunking list for Caltrans is very large. Do I have to enter multiple tower control freq's and group Caltrans in separate lists or can I enter all the necessary towers in one TSYS? Does anyone know what the right towers are? I...
  2. S

    Caltrans submissions to the Database

    Here is my submission for Caltrans District 1: Caltrans District 1 (Eureka) Output Input Channel PL Location 857.7375 812.7375 C Unk 18071 U.S. 199 (near OR border) 857.7625 812.7625 O Unk Collier Tunnel Rest Stop 857.7375 812.7375 C Unk Milepost 30 U.S. 199 858.9875 813.9875 I Unk Horse...