1. F

    G755 Guardian: email notifications

    The Guardian 7 ( ) allows entering information for an SMTP account that should email you if motion is detected. First, they recommend using a Gmail account; however...
  2. Scandxer

    Make your Feeds page awesome like mine!

    Hey folks.. If anyone would like to copy my Feeds Page style code and widgets tweak it and Make there own Please do. Do whatever.. I added Live traffic cams , Chatbox, Statcounter, News feed widgets, Facebook share, Feed stats, etc.... I mean the possibilities are endless.. Connecticut...
  3. M

    Kuwait bans DSLR cameras

    Coming soon(Unknown Year) to United States like at Parades, Airshows, Baseball/Softball, other sports games, :wink: :p Kuwait bans DSLR cameras Without warning, three Kuwaiti ministries have created a rule forbidding anyone but professional journalists from using anything nicer than a...