1. Sheepdog777

    The Google Earth Repeaters Overlay Project for the Entire United States and Territories

    Hello Fellow Hams and Radio Enthusiasts, I hope all is well and would like to share this project, which I have finished, finally! The Google Earth Repeaters Overlay Project for the entire United States and Territories. This one-stop-shop offline database is derived directly from...
  2. L

    New to Radios - How to Begin

    Hello all, First let me say I am currently studying for my Technician's test. I hope to have passed the test by the end of the year. Having said that, I do have a question about getting started once I have my license. I currently have 2 BaoFeng UV-5R radios and want to use those specifically...
  3. Danny37

    VHF or UHF for simplex communication?

    I've always heard UHF is better for urban and congested areas as it penetrates buildings better but vhf is better for open terrain and hilly areas as its longer wavelength always it to travel further in range. so my question is if your camping or hiking, what would be ideal in an environment...
  4. scansomd

    Bath Page camping resort in Urbana

    The wife and I are camping at the Beth Page facility in Urbana this Memorial day. It seems to me a camping facility of this size must have a conventional frequency or two to manage the day to day operations, etc. I could not locate anything in the Middlesex County frequency directory. Anyone...
  5. scansomd

    Solomon’s Island Recreation center (Calvert County)

    The wife and I will be camping there this spring. Last weekend we drove to the annex to look around. The camping office (on the right hand side, just before you go in the gate) had several antennas on the back end of the building. They did not appear to be the right length for either the 400...