1. dadandmemake2

    If you are from Canada then please say "I"

    Every time I see like a free scanner for sale I click on it and it's from the USA and I can't get it. So I want to round up and see who is from Canada like me. So please if it's fine with you then please tell me where in Canada you are from. :) Now I'm not sure if this is the right area to...
  2. M

    Toronto Fire Phase 2 Reception Issues all of a sudden on XTS5000

    Hi, I have been listening to Toronto in Vaughan just a few km north of Toronto. All of a sudden within the past week my radio has been dead silent, I am only picking stuff up sometimes. Prior to a week ago, I was picking up everything. Is anyone else having issues? Does it have something to do...
  3. M

    XTS 3000 What Control Towers do I need to program into CPS for Bell Fleet Net Peel EMS too work

    Hi, I am from Canada I am trying to listen to Peel EMS and not sure what control towers I need to program into CPS for it to scan but if someone could help me that would be great. I have an XTS 3000 VHF.
  4. I

    Can I listen to Hamilton EMS on scene of calls?

    Alright. I have a BC125AT. I have some HEMS frequencies programmed, they are: HEMS Dispatch - 150.5750 HEMS Transport - 150.6950 I can only hear transmissions from the HEMS Transport 150.6950 frequency. The transmission include a quick tone at the start, then says something like "2031, Code 4...
  5. S

    Hello, after awhile away.

    Hello again, I've been a member since Nov 5, 2005. Since we are again quarantined and lockdown restrictions, I finally decided to unpack and dust off my old Uniden BC895XLT and BCD996T scanners, old relics from storage in hopes to play with them again. Hoping to find other scanner enthusiasts in...
  6. A

    Edacs trunking system added and/or changed channels..

    I'm using a radio shack pro 164 triple trunking scanner to monitor multiple EDACS system in my area. Lately I've noticed that there is another control channel that has appeared but radio reference does not have any information about it. As well 1of the 2 edacs sites that I'm monitoring is no...
  7. O

    Canadian Armed Forces Communication

    I have one STX-5000 dedicated to CFB Borden very near to Barrie Ontario. These 12 channels arefor the most part very quiet. At 4:46 this morning, at the same time another one of my STX’s that has one Federal frequency on it that is rarely active, started babbling on with the Simcoe County...
  8. D

    looking into starting a new feed For (OPP) SDR x2

    Hello i'll start by just say i love radio and any thing that has flashing lights :P . im just getting into the idea for ham and emergence radio operation (police/fire/ems) . i got my SDR's about a year ago and its been a blast i spend a few hours a week just searching around the air ways to see...
  9. S

    Parry Sound Amateur Radio Club Hamfest

    PSARC 2019 Hamfest Saturday August 10 2019 Nobel Ontario 148 Hammel Rd P2A 2W9 McDougall Recreation Center Talk in on Club Repeater VE3RPL 2 METER VHF 145.490MHz (-600Khz) PL tone 156.7Hz General Admission **Free** Vendor Costing Info Indoor 1st Table $10 2nd and more $5Each. Supply your own...
  10. B

    Canadian Radio Programming

    Hey all, I've been creeping around and learning for a little while now, but the time has come that I can't seem to find the information I need. My forum searching and googling has this far been in vain. I'm in Canada, Alberta more specifically, and I would like to start programming some...
  11. R

    Importing Canada's TAFL to FMP-FreqList.csv

    Hey guys, How can I import Canada's TAFL to FMP-FreqList.csv? I've tried to do it but it doesn't work. Has anyone had any success? I've found FMP-FreqList.csv to download but that is for the USA only, so no that is no help to me.
  12. Z

    Picking a suitable antenna

    First post here, so hopefully I've picked the correct section. I picked up a Uniden BCD436HP a while back and absolutely love it. I've been using it with the factory rubber ducky antenna with little issues. Works perfectly when I go to racing events, works great when I'm in the city. The issue...
  13. T

    Chirp frequency images

    Good evening where is a good resource to download compiled images for chirp for my boafeng. i am specifically looking for one for canada. thanks
  14. S

    The Quebec-Gatineau Railway frequencies

    Hello everyone, If you are interested to know Québec-Gatineau Railway frequencies, I'm giving it to you. Here it is. 161.265 160.605 163.980 160.815 161.265
  15. I

    MURS in Canada: Looking for Info

    I'm looking for any info on any recent updates or rumours or anything that someone had heard regarding the post June 2014 Industry Canada reversal of its decision to implement MURS in Canada. Any new info would be great to hear!
  16. VE1GAT

    Unresponsive Icom support

    I've purchased a batch of Icom transceivers and I am having problems with them. I have emailed and web formed Icom several times and Icom have yet to respond. Is this common for Icom to ignore buyers?
  17. Deziel0495

    RCMP Canada Wide 420 MHz Frequencies

    I'm not sure about other provinces, but here in PEI the RCMP use the 420 MHz frequencies for special use and for interop with neighbouring provinces New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. All use is P25 and encrypted. Even though RCMP are moving to the P25 trunk system in NS and PEI, I've heard from...
  18. F

    BCD436HP - useful outside of US/Canada?

    Hi all, I'm seriously interested in buying the BCD436HP for my scanner needs, but i'm not sure how useful it will be for me since i do not actually live in US/Canada (I'm moving between locations in Asia / Europe). >>>Does anyone have feedback on how the BCD436HP operates when there are no...
  19. R

    Canadian Radiocommunication Act

    Hi all I don't want to start a debate on this I just wondering if someone can give me better understanding of this law . Now in the canadian Radiocommunication Act section 9 (2) it states that : (2) Except as prescribed, no person shall intercept and make use of, or intercept and divulge, any...
  20. scanfan22

    Toronto Fire Set Up

    The Toronto Fire feed are Broadcastify is only for the south side. Do they have separate lists of frequencies for each part of Toronto? From where the feeder is, which I don't know where, is it possible to get all the Toronto Fire Frequencies? Can someone fill me in as to what I am missing...