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    Cherokee County, GA 10 & Signal Codes

    Does anyone have a list of the 10 and signal codes for Cherokee County?
  2. J

    City of Canton, Ga Police

    I have a Uniden BCD536HP and NXDN is enabled. I am trying to find the City of Canton police and fire but can't find them anywhere. I get the rest of Cherokee County and all surrounding area, but City of Canton seems silent. Has anyone recently been able to hear the City of Canton police or fire?
  3. B

    Canton Township

    I believe Canton PD has gone digital encryped but I was always able to scan the Summit on the Park, golf courses and some public works. They have gone disappeared like Amelia Earhart. Anyone know if all Canton Township MI traffic is now trunked and/or encrypted, in particular recreation, public...
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    Canton Fire 'New Radios"

    I heard from a friend today CFD was talking to Canton TWP Fire about picking up their new radios down at the admin office, idk if this means they are switching systems or going encrypted or just bought newer radios, but im almost 96% sure they will be switching to encrypted since CPD is already...