cape coral

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    Press Credentials/Radio

    Hi all, As someone who enjoys stringing in their free time, I recently started to become rather serious about this and I was wondering if this is truly something I could pursue professionally in my area? I am a resident of Lee County (Fort Myers). CCPD, FMPD, and LCSO are all full DE and only...
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    Lee County School District

    Hi all, For those of you who reside in the Lee County area, I was looking to see if anybody had the frequencies for the Lee County School District bussing.. would love to scan and just listen in! Also, if anyone has updated LCSO/CCPD/FMPD/BSPD/etc, I would love to snag those too if not...
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    Cape Coral - Sun Splash - Freqs?

    Sun Splash park in Cape Coral - Anyone ever try to discover or discover any frequencies they use for operations at this park? Thanks, Bill