1. S

    I just spent about $20 for this car stereo that has AM, FM, and SW as well

    My friends could not believe I bought one, and that too a used one! But I am glad I did because it can receive SW! It is about 10 years old, so I was told. Reception on SW was not too shabby with a normal car antenna. By the way, newer car stereos cost about $100 in my neck of woods. And...
  2. M

    Mobile scanners - the next generation

    Mobile scanners (ones you can fit into an automobile) seem to be still obsessed with single-DIN size sockets. Yet most cars these days have double-DIN sockets. The larger size would allow for: * Much larger and better displays, offering full colour and a bandscope. * An alphanumeric keyboard...
  3. J

    Help with Motorola Systems 9000 installed in 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan

    Hey forums, I really need some help. I am 100% self taught on everything I know. I have a Motorola Systems 9000 unit installed. I previously had this in a 2004 Pontiac Montana and a 2005 Buick Rendezvous without any problems. However, about a week ago, I started have problems in the 2005 Buick...
  4. R

    Toronto Police antenna

    Anyone out there know what make/model those 'pointed' puck roof antennas are on the scout cars? Are the multiband or just for MWS or just voice? - Thanks in advance
  5. B

    Transmission stops when car turns on

    I own BaoFeng UV-82C. I am facing strange issue with this device. I stop receiving transmission when I turn on my car or put the car on ACC (battery on). I start receiving the transmission as soon as the battery is turned off. Is this because the car's inbuilt antenna (for music system) is...
  6. B

    BaoFeng UV-82C - Signal turns off if car radio on

    Hello, I have BaoFeng UV-82C handheld. I am facing this strange situation. I can hear other speaking clearly until I turn on my car or put my car on ACC (battery on). I can receive transmission as soon as I turn off the car. Is my car's inbuilt radio antenna interfering? How do I make sure...
  7. J

    Reception problems with BC355N

    My BC355N does not work well while my car is in motion(it became very choppy); I have a trek glass mount antenna. When my car is NOT in motion for around 10-15 seconds, my reception gets way better. Once I go past 10mph, the signal get very choppy; I switched antennas because I thought it was an...
  8. N

    6577: CAR aero very busy

    6577 seems to be really busy in the last hour (2147Z). I have gotten 11 distinct selcals in 30 minutes from my eastern MA QTH.
  9. breakpoint

    Hi guys, I'm new and have a question dealing with automobile scanners

    I purchased an app from the android market for my G1 about a month ago that just streams from radioreference and just love listening to everyday things on there. I usually have my scanner going on my phone in the car holding it to my ear to listen while driving so I figured why don't I just buy...
  10. jerry092975

    vehicle versus a school bus in chester county PA

    By Kennett Fire Company No. 1January 19, 2010 On the morning of Tuesday January 19th, the Kennett Fire Company was dispatched to Kaolin Road south of Caldwell Lane for the report of a vehicle accident with entrapment. Deputy 24 arrived on scene to find one vehicle versus a school bus confirming...
  11. W

    Car Alert Emergency Safety System High School Project Help

    I'm a new-comer to the world of radio's and I need some help. I'm in high-school and working on a senior project. Basically our idea is a safety system for automobiles that cuts out the car radio when there is an emergency vehicle in in the area and inserts an emergency broadcast. The device...