1. BCasto

    Armed Robbery just occurred - Cary PD

    Armed robbery occurred a few minutes ago, SE Maynard near intersection of Chatham. 3 Black Males, with weapons and masks. Left business on foot. Listen on Cary PD Tac 1 and Tac 5.
  2. BCasto

    Town of Cary - weak signal

    On occasion over the past couple weeks, I have noticed the signal strength from the Town of Cary dramatically falling. It is not happening at the same time of day. Recently, Cary switched to their back up non-trunked frequencies for a few hours. I know solar flare activity is high. Does...
  3. BCasto

    Town of Cary

    Monitoring Town of Cary TG 4464 this afternoon. This is unlisted in the DB and sounds like PD. Anyone know this TG?
  4. BCasto

    City of Cary

    Yesterday the Cary Police responded to a bank robbery in progress call that became a 3 hour hostage negotiation that ended with the tragic death of the robber. It is rare indeed to listen and watch such an event. I believe the Police performed extremely well. Much of the traffic on the Cary...
  5. BCasto

    Cary ERT Incident

    Town of Cary TG 4528 - ERT assembling for some action