1. L

    The Gardens Casino (Hawaiian Gardens) Frequencies and Talkgroup

    Hi I program The Gardens Casino (Hawaiian Gardens) Frequencies and Talkgroup into my scanner and it dose not sound like The Gardens Casino (Hawaiian Gardens) or is it. The last update was on September 8, 2018, 8:58 pm (Added Talkgroup 111 111(Casino Operations)) The Gardens Casino (Hawaiian...
  2. Freqed

    Rock Island Co, Jumers Casino

    Does anybody have any info on the Jumers Casino radio system? Not seeing anything in the DB except for a link to RIPD, There are some freqs showing up online but none come back to them through the FCC database. Thanks.
  3. R

    Laughlin Casinos

    I'm going to be in Laughlin for several weeks working on a project and just saw that the casino we're staying in has gone digital. Does anyone know if it's DMR or other and are the frequencies the same or have they changed. Trying to determine if it will be worth it to pack a scanner for the...
  4. N

    new Rohnert Park CASINO

    just opened and already full of gambling zombies the traffic was a mess... I heard they have facial recognition of anybody entering as well as a bunch of other high dollar more or less typical advanced features... so what's the deal with rf comms ? freqs ? anything in the clear ? wireless...
  5. mgolden2

    Hollywood Casino at Kansas Speedway

    Has anyone seen any frequencies for the new Hollywood Casino thats opening up February 3? They are owned by Penn National Gaming, Inc. I tried doing a search using both names (Hollywood Casino, Penn National Gaming, and PNG) with no luck. Are these comms usually encrypted? Thanks!