cb antenna installation

  1. KF7LJP

    Multi - Antenna placement Help on a 2017 F250

    Need some help guys/gals and others... I will try and provide enough background info on build and avaliable equipment on- hand for the fix. Vehicle: 2017 Ford F250 XLT Crewcab. (No Sunroof), : has a Bullet Proof Diesel Dual NMO Antenna Mount 3rd Brake Light. : has Headach Rack...
  2. C

    CB Antenna for Sedan - Help Newbie

    Hello, I am a new guy here and have next to no experience with radios and antennas. I just ordered a new CB radio: Midland 75-822 40 Channel 2 Way Radio. Amazon.com: Midland 75-822 40 Channel 2 Way Radio: Electronics With that I ordered an antenna: Cobra HG A 1500 Base-Load Medium Magnet...