cb antenna

  1. RookieRooster

    Cobra 29lx RF stuck on channels 1-11.

    Hello, I just got my CB, it's a Cobra 29lx with a 3 foot Firestick 5/8. It has 16 feet of cable. I installed the radio on my aluminum F-350 so I can't get a magnetic mounted antenna. I happened to notice every time I transmit on channels 1-11, the RF Gain meter stays stuck to the right and the...
  2. H

    Best option for indoor antenna second floor room?

    Best option for indoor antenna to be used on second floor of a two story home and not to be mounted in attic? or are there any good options beyond the simple telescoping antenna which is going to be way too short...maybe not.
  3. lukeduke711

    CB Antenna/ Use for scanner?

    I have a CB antenna, not a whip but about 19 inches long, if i route the antenna input to the cb antenna with foil will it make me pickup more distant signals?