1. Muffin


    Was down on the British Columbia / Washington State border today. I was is Surrey which borders Blaine. I had my scanner on frequency stalker mode and came across a number of "new" channels that are nnot currently listed on the RRDB and after checking the FCC and IC databases, the only evidence...
  2. M

    Southern NM Border Patrol Frequencies

    I am currently searching for Deming and Lordsburg New Mexico Border Patrol Frequencies.Before their P25 upgrade they used 165.900, 168.875, 163.675. I have searched 160.000-174.000 with no luck. Complete silence. I can hear Santa Teresa, Las Cruces, Fabens TX, El Paso TX, and Ysleta Border...
  3. N0WEF

    TV Show w/DEA, CBP, SWAT Etc.

    I came across this show, and it's pretty good. It's kinda cool to see video of what I'm used to hearing(Rarely do you hear callsigns like "Omaha" etc. in shows) Plus some nice close-ups of DEA/CBP radios. 1st Show Cops.and.Coyotes.S02E01.The.Real.Wild.West.HDTV.XviD-LMAO.avi | PutLocker The...
  4. M

    MT Fed Files Blog - Denver / Laramie Area Federal Logs

    fyi... MT Fed Files Blog - Denver / Laramie Area Federal Logs - Wednesday, November 16, 2011 Colorado federal activity... :D http://mt-fedfiles.blogspot.com/2011/11/denver-laramie-area-federal-logs.html
  5. kg4ojj

    CBP action in Florida & Georgia

    Was listening this week to Customs working two aircraft (91J & 14J) on NET-1 (165.2375 PL 100.0 with/without encryption). Heard one plane and the ground contact ("dispatch") very clearly and had the other plane intermittently, all with a rubber duck antenna on my handheld. Their apprehension...
  6. S

    port huron/st. clair co help

    Hi all: I'm traveling from southern Ontario [Canada] to Chicago later this week via Port Huron. We're actually spending the night in p.h. I'm wondering: 1. is msp troop 24 responsible for the st. Clair county area? I'm actually blind and not able to look at the maps. If so, what unit numbers...