1. G

    Cb radio 10 meter help

    Hi im new to this and im looking for someone in the gta that is able to program my stryker sr 955 hp 10 meter radio please contact me via email george.alsayegh92@hotmail.com
  2. duncan61

    which one is the best CB mic?

    I need help from you guys. I am writing an article for my website about CB radio microphone. So please vote the following poll. what do you guys think which one is the best CB mic on the market?
  3. A

    Cobra 19 Ultra III Without an Antenna

    I have been working on getting a Cobra 19 Ultra III radio installed in my truck along with a PA system. So far, I've mounted the a 50 watt Powerhorn speaker in my truck and have it ready to connect to my CB, however, my Firestik Firefly antenna, mount, coaxial cable and SWR meter has not been...
  4. R

    Can you use a Scanner Antenna for a CB Radio?

    Can you use an All-Band Scanner Antenna for a CB Radio? i mistakenly bought a scanner antenna instead of a cb antenna, and i would like to know if it would still work. Thank You.