1. haxsaw

    Motorola CDM1250 TPL Code

    I was able to obtain a couple of these radios, they are work horses, I am in the process of programming them but I am not able to program a simplex channel without giving it a TPL Code, is there anyway to disable the TPL Code for a simplex channel? if I simply put 0.0 in the TPL Code box, I...
  2. K7MFC

    2013 F-150 Motorola CDM1250 Install

    I purchased a Motorola CDM1250 a while ago for a dedicated GMRS rig and finally got around to installing it in my 2103 F-150. I chose to install the radio in the center console, so I made a mount from some 3/4" MDF and some 1" pine: I laid on a few coats of Krylon textured flat black paint...
  3. A

    CDM 1250 with Riface using HVN9025 Software

    Hello, I am trying to program a CDM 1250 mounted in a Riedel Riface using the HVN9025. This unit will be using frequencies legally given to me for use on a major TV broadcast. The Riface is fairly secondary to me at this point as i need to program the 1250 and the Riface is working as it...
  4. F

    Motorola CDM1550

    I have a CDM1550 that doesn't have the MDC signalling enabled. I'm told that it's a matter of re-flashing the radio with a default codeplug.. What software is needed? Is this a CPS like normal programming or another application? Thanks!
  5. L

    Scanner and CDM Mounting

    So i am thinking about mounting a scanner (BCD996XT) and a Moto CDM 1250 in a SpectrumForce Desk Mount. I realize I need to keep the antennas a half wave length apart (at least) and I plan on keeping Close Call off on the scanner to prevent Rx'ing everything I Tx. Any other issues I may run...
  6. B

    Cdm1250 and firecom 3010 system

    I have a cdm 1250 installed and in perfect working order. I just installed a firecom 3010 system. The radio will not transmit through the headsets. Receive is fine. Does the accessory pins on the radio require a programming change from the default setting? Thanks!!!
  7. D


    We would like to restore our live scanner feed on our website. We originally had a Motorola DeskTrac that was being used, but has since moved on. Is there anyway way that the CDM1250 can be used to stream to our website? Any and all input is greatly appreciated!!
  8. B

    CDM 1250 Audio Pin Config

    Anyone know what pins I need to connect to on a CDM 1250 for audio to record? I know connecting to the speaker pins are going to produce an overloaded output. Any help on this is greatly appreciated.
  9. S

    CDM1250 programming cable pinouts/signals

    Would appreciate any insights from the group re. whether the CDM1250 programming protocols support use of only GND and BUS+ for read/write (not flashing.) I want to program via the rear accessory connector (have a remote head setup and the cable doesn't work via the remote head...perhaps because...
  10. ShorelineSD

    CDM1250 Selective Calling Programming

    Hi, I have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out a way to accomplish something. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. I have a fleet of buses each with a CDM1250 installed as well as a CDM1250 at our dispatch office. I am trying to figure out a way to set things up so that...
  11. N

    Motorola CDM 1250

    i have a question about the scan list and zone feature on the Motorola CDM 1250. I can get the scan to work in zone 1 but when i go to zone 2 to try and scan them channels it goes back to zone 1 to scan them. Is there any way to scan zone 1 and zone 2 on its own? I cant figure it out is there...
  12. T

    Motorola CDM1250 Programming Problems

    I'm currently having some trouble programming CDM1250s. When I try to read the radio, I'm getting an error saying to ensure power is turned on for the radio and RIB. I've verified the RIB is working with a Astro Spectra, however no luck with (2) CDM1250s... Any suggestions?