1. RadioCheckk

    Nextel Sprint Direct Connect

    Hi. Recently discovered that you can change your old Nextel Sprint phones into walkie talkies. Obviously line of sight reception. The talk on the web says you have to have a sim card in the phone in order for "off network" direct connect to work. I picked up a brand new Nextel ic502 phone with a...
  2. 4 iDEN Motorola r750 plus Rugged Duty cellphone + 2 way radio

    4 iDEN Motorola r750 plus Rugged Duty cellphone + 2 way radio

    I have 4 of these radios (price is for all) originally purchased by the government for Emergency Measures Evacuation use in 2013. Each comes with an original antenna and Motorola speaker mic with a built in ear piece jack. Two come with travel chargers. All four have the optional orange...
  3. P

    Hytera x1p vhf analog sim card lte service

    I have the x1p and i use it for vhf analog i wanna know if i can put in a sim card and use it as a cell phone as well ? Or is there any radio that dose have this capability's ?
  4. blantonl

    Qantas Blames Wireless For Aircraft Incidents

    A great article on Slashdot: http://mobile.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=08/10/09/1427232 "An Australian airline Qantas Airbus A330-300, suffered 'a sudden change of altitude' on Tuesday. "The mid-air incident resulted in injuries to 74 people, with 51 of them treated by three hospitals in Perth...