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    Anytone Anytone 878 (UV or UVIIPlus) Firmware 3.03 Chinese Model Bug?

    In applying the latest Firmware 3.03 to my Anytones, I've noticed that in "Device Info" on the radio it now shows Chinese characters where it used to show the English model name. This is a new "feature" since the previous 3.02N. I have set the language to English both in CPS and in the Anytone...
  2. Bote

    PRO-197 mirror characters on display

    This morning my PRO-197 showed every character on the display mirrored. The words still read from left to right, but each character or number was mirrored. At first I thought I was still asleep, rubbed my eyes, but the characters were still mirrored. WEIRD! I took some photos for posterity to...