1. D

    Uniden BCD 436 HP Charge Will Not Hold

    Hello all, A few days ago my scanner died in the middle of the day when it typically can hold a charge from morning to the evening, so i figured it was time to get new batteries. after installing the new batteries, again the next day the radio died after only maybe 4 hours of use. I have not...
  2. BlueDevil

    Charge Controllers

    Does anyone know of a charge controller or battery charger that accepts multiple types of inputs? For example a charger that can handle 12-18v input from say a solar panel or if 120v generator or grid electricity to charge a 12v Deep Cycle SLA Battery?
  3. C

    BC125AT: Never Fully Charged

    I just bought the is Uniden BC125AT and am using the supplied batteries. It is set for a 14 hour charge, but I have had it plugged in for longer than that by quite some time. Since I received the scanner a few days ago it has never indicated a full charge. Is there something I am missing? I have...
  4. B

    PSR-800 charge time

    OK - the default PSR-800 battery charge timer is 16 hours. I'm using 2500mah Eneloop batteries and charging it with the 800mah charger for my Droid phone. If it charged at 100% efficiency and if the radio did not regulate the charge rate, it would fully charge in just over three hours. To GRE...
  5. S

    How To: Charge your batteries in the scanner without the yellow holder

    If you don't have a stand alone battery charger for your extra rechargeable batteries, or you've lost or broken the yellow battery holder, you can modify your radio to recharge your batteries with the black holder. Remember, don't plug your radio in if you're using alkaline batteries in the...