1. pcunite

    Yaesu: Yaesu FT3D/FT5D external power supply while battery connected

    I'm wanting to continuously leave my FT3D radio powered on at my desk for monitoring but also for occasionally transmitting. The manual doesn't make it clear, but is it okay to use the SAD-25 ac adapter (10.5v 1amp) plugged into the DC port for this? I first turn the radio on, then connected...
  2. M

    Homepatrol 2 & Eneloop Pro Batteries Issue!

    Hello all, I typically use the Eneloop 2000 mAh white batteries in my Homepatrol 2 scanner. I decided to pick up some 2450 mAh Eneloop Pro batteries, thinking I'd get a little more time in between battery change-outs (I don't charge in the scanner). Well, the Eneloop Pro's won't power up the...
  3. S

    SDS100: SDS100 charge light blinks red w/ new larger battery (again)

    As posted in the prior thread (that was closed) I am also experiencing the red charge light begins to blink after hours into charging with the new larger battery. I've only recharged a couple of times overnight after fairly deep discharges. Have found the flashing red charge light the next...
  4. B

    Motorola XPR 7550

    Just got this VHF radio to use at my volunteer FD and whenever I go to charge the radio with the IMPRES charger the charging base will be orange. I know orange means the battery is reconditioning but the radio will do an annoying beep tone about every 5 seconds until I pick the radio up off of...
  5. T

    Ham Radio with common battery

    Hi I feel kinda stupid asking this. But during an emergency where one would depends on Ham radio for information, specially during a power outage, you would need your ham radio battery to last days if not weeks before you can charge it. Unless it uses more common batteries found everywhere...
  6. L

    APX6000 Battery level not showing

    we have over 80 APX6000 with each person having two impress batteries. some will not show the battery level. They are placed in the charger, some over night so they are fully and correctly charged. Is anyone else having this issue. has anyone found a solution. Our radio technique shaking his head.
  7. W

    2500mAh NiMH Batteries in BCD396XT - OK or not?

    I need new rechargeable for my 396XT and stopped at a store that sold me 2500mAh batteries (NiMH). I got them home and was ready to install them and the label in the radio said 2300mAh ONLY. Does this mean that the adapter could allow the batteries to overheat/overcharge and damage the radio...
  8. C

    BC125AT: Never Fully Charged

    I just bought the is Uniden BC125AT and am using the supplied batteries. It is set for a 14 hour charge, but I have had it plugged in for longer than that by quite some time. Since I received the scanner a few days ago it has never indicated a full charge. Is there something I am missing? I have...
  9. K

    Charging Time on BCD436HP

    I have plugged in my BCD436HP and it say Normal Charging. I have let it charge for 5 hours and it still says Normal Charging. When should I know that Charging is complete? Thanks
  10. M

    BCD396XT Battery Charging

    I have a question as to the optimum setting for Charge Time. The scanner's default was set to 14 hours, but I figure the 800ma (nameplate rating) charger should charge the 2300mah NiMH batteries in about 3. I want a full charge, but I don't want to smoke the batteries, so right now I'm set to 5...
  11. J

    Pro 97 charging batteries in black case

    My Pro 97 charges (I think probably short circuits them since they get so hot) my batteries when I have it plugged in even with the black nonchargeable battery case. I put a meter on the two connectors, where the battery connectors meet the radio, when it was plugged in and got about 9 volts...
  12. Z

    Kenwood TK-360 charging

    I am thinking about purchasing some Used Kenwood TK-360 radios. Can you use an AC adapter and hook it up through the accessory jack and charge it like some Motorola radios such as the Spirit series or are you required to use the KSC line of desktop chargers