1. WX9RLT

    Suspect steals taxi then shoots at officers then police chase in Rockford

    Suspect steals a taxi cab, shoots at officers, then leads police on chase in Rockford Full details ~ Stolen taxi & Shots fired at officers, Many officers assisting in the chase | Rockford Scanner .
  2. T

    OPP Cruiser Hit Near Hwy 7 & ON-400

    An OPP cruiser was rammed by a Red Pickup Truck marker 8079TE today around 12:00 near Hwy 7 & ON-400. The driver did not stop and the OPP officer attempted to chase the driver but was unable to continue after 1KM due to damage to the vehicle. They are looking for the driver who abandon the...
  3. spectr17

    High speed chase of robbery suspect on I-210 by San Bernardino sheriff Aug 9 2013.

    KCAL 9 news video if you missed the chase. Berdoo doesn't mess around. 40 King handed off the pursuit right as the guy hit the 134. SB ground units stayed in the chase. Suspect was wanted for a robbery of a Walgreens in Upland. Perp made the dead end street turn and it was over in Reseda. It...
  4. N

    Rutherford / Davidson County I-24 West High Speed Chase on 8/25 - 8/26

    I saw about ten Rutherford County Sheriff's Deputies chasing a vehicle down I-24 West in Rutherford County tonight around 12:15 a.m. or so. I immediately pulled up my scanner app on my phone. Speeds reached 100 MPH. Metro had spikes set up at Harding Rd., but the car exited at Bell Rd before...
  5. R

    Police Chase Houston Tx 2/16/09

    I was driving southbound on I-45 and when all of a sudden it broke out on the northbound side. There were so many agencies involved and I was jumping between the sheriff, constable, hpd, etc. And was pretty close to where the suspect turned over a police car when they passed me on the other...