1. Airboss

    Far Western NCSHP 453 UHF Assignments

    While trolling the FCC database recently I found three interesting NCSHP licenses for our far western counties of Cherokee, Clay and Graham. Clay County NORTH CAROLINA STATE HIGHWAY PATROL WQWY934 453.71250 2016-01-04 A 1 0 FB2 PW HAYESVILLE NORTH CAROLINA STATE HIGHWAY...
  2. alex4659

    Cherokee Co icall / itac channels?

    hi yall, If this is in the wrong spot let me know please... Anyway on the RR database, in the state of Georgia, cherokee county has some 800mhz icall, itac channels. I was listening from north fulton county / johns creek area and there seemed to be a lot of interference while listening. Do...
  3. G

    Cherokee AH-50 (6m portable)

    Does anyone know if there is a mod available for this rig to receive in the 46 MHz range? Haven't found anything so far on the Internet. Thanks, Gregg