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  1. thescannerdude123

    Chester County Prison Escapee Danelo Cavalcante - Listening Options

    There are a lot of agencies working this case. Can we start a list of frequencies and TG's that are being used so people can listen in on the search? Anything from local PD, US Marshals, Corrections, PA State Police (both land and air), anyone else. I know some will not be available, but for...
  2. M

    Can not get West Chester on my BCD436HP

    I just bought the BCD436HP and I don't know what I am doing wrong. I loaded West Chester PD, PA in as it's own favorite list from the sentinel program and I've barely heard a word. I can get Chester County PD and Fire EMS. Anyone know why WCPD won't work? I tried it as a direct transfer set up...
  3. M

    Chester County Westtown East Goshen police frequencies?

    I'm trying to set up my GRECom scanner to get my local Westtown East Goshen police feed. Can someone confirm what the right way to get their feed is? It's my understanding that they are on the county's truncked system? And that the way to get that on my GRE500 is to get the frequencies: 01...
  4. J

    Chester County Fire/EMS Down?

    Anyone know when the Chester County Fire/EMS feed will be back? It has been down for over a week and I haven't found any information on why or any idea when it might be back online again. Thanks.
  5. jerry092975

    Chester county PA

    chester county PA, EF JOHNSON RADIOS Chester county 800mhz trunking system: this is what i think of the chester county 800mhz sys, listening to the police and fire calls are great on the county radio's or on radio because it's a county radio being used to provide it, BUT if you...
  6. jerry092975

    Honey Brook PA chester county

    By Honey Brook Fire CompanyFebruary 17, 2010 On Tuesday Evening, the Honey Brook Fire Company was dispatched to a vehicle accident on Route 322 at north Birdell Road. Deputy 33 went enroute along with Ambulance 33-1 and were advised that the caller reported hearing an accident and screaming in...
  7. jerry092975

    House Fire in CALN twsp Chester County PA

    By Fire Chief Kevin JohnsonFebruary 17, 2010 On Wednesday Feb. 17, 2010 at 1720 hours the Coatesville Fire Department along with the Modena, Veterans Administration Fire Dept and the West Bradford Fire Company were dispatched to assist Station 38 on a reported house fire in 1400 block of Walnut...