chicago police

  1. JoeUniden

    Chicago P.D. (Counterterrorism Bureau) O'Hare

    Hello everyone. I do hope this is the correct thread to ask a question about a TGID. I was talking with a CPD officer today at ORD checking the current TGID: 49872 on the Chicago Public Safety system at O'Hare. When the CPD officer keyed up and talked, I was not catching the TX. When dispatch...
  2. W

    Zone 6

    Any idea when/if CPD Zone 6 will come back online?
  3. U

    Chicago Police/Fire - no audio

    Two questions: (1) Is the audio problem with Chicago Police /Fire related to the transition of RR and braodcastify?? (2) why should/would I sign up & pay for a service that isnt working (for my favorite channel) & worse, staff responses are less than satisfactory - simply that the audio feed...