choppy audio

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    WS1040: Connection issues??

    Hello I am new to the scanner world! Over the past few days I have been listening to my local PD. I would say about 10% of the transmission come in real choppy or not at all. I live within a mile from my police department which uses a digital trunked system. My radio reads 5 bars all the time...
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    BCD996XT: 996XT Woes

    First the problem. All audio, including analog audio is chopped. I get 6 out of 7 words. Because by trade, I am a network administrator I will put it in computer geek terms. It is like listening to audio with regular packet loss. Here are a list of things I have tried: * Tweaking the P25...
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    BCD436 Choppy

    I've lurked for a long time and obtained a lot of good information from this forum but I think this is my first post asking for help so thank you in advance. I received my new BCD436 last week and looked forward to upgrading from my trusty GRE PSR-500 which has served me very well all these...
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    Possibly a problem with the NEW Web Player

    I started getting reports from listeners about the new web player. Several have stated the audio is unintelligable and choppy. I was able to duplicate the problem with Internet Explorer and Google Chrome (no other browsers checked) by doing the following: 1. Open browser to Madison County...