chp extender

  1. f40ph

    CHP 700mhz extender operation

    On some channels (CALCORD for example), CHP Extenders only receive radio traffic after they've been keyed up once (ok that sorta makes sense). However, they time out and stop receiving after a short time (not such a good idea - no officer is going to key it up once per minute or so to keep it...
  2. W

    Has CHP in South Bay moved vehicle extenders to 700 MHz?

    I normally monitor the California Highway Patrol vehicular extenders (154.905 MHz) when I'm on the road, and yesterday I realized that it's been weeks since I've heard anything. Normally I hear something at least once during my commute. Has the Golden Gate division moved over to 700 MHz for...
  3. f40ph

    New 700mhz CHP portables

    Had a chance to "play" around with a new CHP portable 700mhz P25 digital. The officer on duty knew VERY little of the radio, so questions didn't go far. Here's some observations: The display is now helpful as officers using the older VHF radios knew only channel numbers and most never knew...