chp trunked frequencies

  1. F

    BCD325P2 - How to add CHP 700Mhz

    Hello, Sorry if this has been posted before. I tried to search for my problem but nothing came up in the search results or Google. I am new here and sort of new to scanning. I recently bought a Uniden BCD325P2 from amazon. I am able to program conventional frequencies like my local PD, FD...
  2. helvis

    CHP San Diego region tuning...

    Oooops. I clicked on the wrong state. Sorry Arkansas scanner folks.
  3. W

    Will the CHP ever go to the trunked system?

    I searched for this question, both here & Google, only one turned up asking if the CHP currently does trunking, so here goes: Will/Should the CHP ever go to a trunked system and do away with the 42/44, etc. MHZ freq system? If they wanted to, would they be able to, or is it much more...